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Rainwater Harvesting systems capture rainwater from rooftop guttering, the water is then stored in underground tanks ready for everday use within the home or garden. By using recycled rainwater in the home & garden you can cut on average around 50%+ of your mains water usage annually.

Collection, filtration & purification of rain water to for everyday use is better known as Rain water harvesting. The recycling of rainwater by way of water harvesting techniques has been in practice since ancient times.

A Rainwater Harvesting system simply catches rainwater from your roof, the water is filtered and stored it in a large tank until it is needed when it is pumped either into your home after further filtration & purification for use in household appliances, for use in the garden or even for drinking water.

Employing a rainwater harvesting system in a commercial or residential property has many benefits:
– It will considerably reduce your reliance on traditional mains water, which will cut down your monthly water bills.
– Mains water prices are increasing at a rate of > 5% p/a. Why be reliant on mains water when water should be free?
– Using a Rainwater Harvesting system has no known adverse effects on our environment. It is a sustainable way to use & recycle our limited supplies of fresh water.
– Use best quality natural water, free from chemicals. Rainwater is better than mains water for plants & its better for us to drink.

We provide complete solutions from analyzing existing setup, to supply of the right system, installation & project management, maintenance. Harvesting rainwater systems contribute positively towards sustainable living, the local economy and the environment.

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